1. Beverly Hills: Apparently you're supposed to have an appointment.
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  5. Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen
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  7. Public Speaking is part of the job.
  8. Happily Book Signing: Haggin Museum.

by: Kyle Elizabeth Wood

​                            As a girl, I had ZERO role models of women I aspired to be.  
​           I wanted to emulate a smart, attractive, active, confident, fun, feminine, lady.

There weren't any.

​               I made it MY purpose to find some.

Who needs fiction?
Historical Heroines & Heroes were here to inspire & motivate.   

           Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen is just one such life that truthfully bettered so many other lives.  Brilliant, beautiful, & battling  society with a keen & quiet cunning.
She simply ignored "No" and Can't" & became the First Female Captain of Industry in America.  NOTHING could stop her from SUCCESS. (1896- 1977)

                                                        READ about a REAL Wonder Woman
                                                            Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen
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​                                                       COMING SUMMER 2018: THE HISTORY OF OLD MONTEREY
                                                                           BEFORE CANNERY ROW