​People, ESPECIALLY the GREAT ones, live lives with
rich beginnings, middles, AND ends.

​The living, haven't come to the END yet. We don't know how their stories will play out as we do in history. 

I bring you lives of depth to examine how their choices panned out to make the world a better place.

WOMEN often end up in an anthology. A grouping of the ladies of..., the women who..., petticoats who changed the... 
​My HiSTORIES tell you the whole
of lives YOU may wish to follow.
​Lives that can positively change YOUR life.

  1. Beverly Hills: Apparently you're supposed to have an appointment.
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  5. Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen
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  7. Public Speaking is part of the job.
  8. Happily Book Signing: Haggin Museum.