ABOUT Kyle Elizabeth Wood

       Did you know you can not really punish a voracious reader/writer                        by sending him/her to their room? 

              A book will transport a child from the confines of their               surroundings, no matter how dire, and send them to Narnia, Treasure Island, Tarzan's Jungle, Space: Final Frontiers. A writer can simply imagine their way into more adventures than that which sent them into solitary confinement in the first place. MAKE and KEEP your children READERS and WRITERS.

                             SPEAKING of WRITING...

My historical presentations are designed for YOU, specifically. A little research on my part and YOUR group is part of the lively lecture/ performance. 

 I will infect you with DRIVE & excitment toward your dream, if you aren't careful.

My Current project is the in-depth historiography of my new Monterey home. Secrets of the past of OLD Monterey revealed.

Kyle Elizabeth Wood

A Published Author and Program Producer
    Credentialed teacher
    Professional Speaker
Hostess of BOHEMIA LIVE: Wave Street Studios, Monterey 
    Award winning historical researcher 
    President of Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, Ca
    Fine art agent
    Positive & Creative
    Detailed & Focused
    Courageous & happy to drag others along to a better path
    I'll dance when all else fails...and I'm not any good at dance!
    I get IT done!

    1. Beverly Hills: Apparently you're supposed to have an appointment.
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    5. Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen
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    7. Public Speaking is part of the job.
    8. Happily Book Signing: Haggin Museum.

    Monterey Seascape Paintings

    1. Teach Enthusiastic How To Write Classes
      Teach Enthusiastic How To Write Classes
      FOR WRITING OUT LOUD! I will teach YOU how to create an interesting, historiography of your own heroine or hero & how to present the work to others.
    2. Public Speaking
      Public Speaking
      History does repeat itself. That can be a GOOD thing ONLY if somebody gets up and REPEATS it. Repeat the excellent events. I will create a specific historically pertinent program to entertain and inform YOUR organization.
    3. I Write, Research, Publish
      I Write, Research, Publish
      From interviewing those who were there to digging through archives, attics, basements, newspapers, and memories, Resurrecting the INTERESTING past and telling it in story form makes ONCE UPON AN actual TIME come alive.