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 Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen (Amazon & Kindle)

Tillie Lewis: The Tomato Queen is avalialble now on Amazon, Kindle, and some libraries.

Apparently, I wan't supposed to just walk into Reese Witherspoon's production company with a GREAT book but no appointment. 

Ms. Witherspoon's staff DID know this rule. Out I went. I still left a few signed books.

Can you imagine a cuter TILLIE LEWIS than REESE Witherspoon? Please. .. I simply couldn't help myself. 

All blonde, courage,  and smiles is EXACTLY what every charector REESE has ever played does in script. I do it in life. 

Book in PROCESS is a historiography of Monterey. Coming soon.

​The Monterey book has little to do with John Steinbeck and his Cannery Row, though Steinbeck is one of my favorite writers, when he is staying on topic.
​Yes. Even the GREATS often take a detour into a place that leaves a reader in WHAT-ville & confusion. Perhaps, the writer is just seeing if we are paying attention when a magical Chineseman appears  and terrifys a child into secrecy in the midst of a tale that has nothing to do with a magical Chineseman.

​Other books of Monterey are strictly history, events, dates, and square footage. Nice to know especially for me, a writer who knows that standing on the shoulders of others before me help make my stories of the people of Monterey that much fuller, richer, and closer to the truth of what it was to be in the long ago, before my time and yours.

​I will tempt you with the spirits of this place. The souls that linger still in this spit of Paradise at the sea.


Tillie Lewis was the first female Captain of Industry in America. She rose from grinding poverty to power & wealth as a leader of normally misogynistic men through her policies of dignity and honor in the workplace creating a mega-agricultural/canned food empire that began with the San Marzano tomato from Naples, Italy and included the first complete line of diet foods and diet sodas, The Tast-Diet.

Tillie was arrested, investigated and harrassed by police and the FBI, often simultaniously, as she was being awarded by politicians for her generosity, patriotism, innovative social programs of inclusion, and global action as an activist/humanitarian ending hunger and a vocal proponent of population control. 

Kyle Elizabeth Wood weaves you through the historical journey and events that occurec through the life & times of Tillie Lewis (1896 -1977) Tillie found positive opportunity through adversity ans seized every thread of hope buidling a fortune for herslef and good fortune for those men & women she carried with her. 

Her troubles were great yet she learned from her mistakes and never blamed anyone. Not even herself. What's NEXT? Was her on her mind...never what's wrong.

Tillie Lewis threw "NO" and "Can't" right out her tenement window like  ticker-tape during a parade to show us all how to live in our own place of abundance and YES, WE CAN!

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